GGSPro Technical Reference Guide 4th Ed
Vendor: GGSPRO
Item #98-401
The Reference Guide is packed full of color pictures, detailed product information, as well as easy to use charts and tables. In addition, we have included our very popular Insect/Disease/Herbicide & BCA reference poster charts right in the book! These charts provide Mode of Action, Active Ingredient, REI, Application Rates and Measurement Conversion Tables.
The 4th edition of the Reference Guide includes:
*New Pollinator Stewardship section
-Bee safety codes and bee-friendly growers practices

*New Abiotic Disorders section
-Environmental and chemical stressors and their effect on plants

*The latest GGSPro product recommendations with updated rates and other important info throughout

The GGSPro Reference Guide has heavy duty water resistant pages allowing growers to keep it where it is needed the most. Use it inside the greenhouse or outside in the field. It is a great resource for all employees from IPM scouts to those responsible for fertilizer and pest control decisions.