AA Vent Controler Transformer 1 or 2 Low volt DC motors
Item #87-VCU2/24
Vent Control, 110V AC input w/24V transformer for 1 or 2 Low Voltage DC Motors
Ventilation Control Unit
Quick & easy programming, featuring LED digital temperature display, 30' sensor, manual override and 2 year warranty.
*Protect your structure and pamper your crops with available wind, rain and humidity sensors
*Easy to program, set points, vent openings and idle time
*Ideal for freestanding greenhouses
*Provides control of three 24VDC ventilation motors
*Independent manual override is easy and at your fingertips
*With our low voltage motors - this is affordable climate control
*Timed overrides for DIF growing technique and light deprivation
*Cooling and heating outputs in harmony