Satin Plant Sleeves 10.5" x 24" x 22" 1000/Case 822HB SDT
Item #87-4280
This product is obsolete.
Pot Size Use: 8" Hanging basket
*Pot sizes vary. Actual pot may sit slightly higher or lower in the sleeve.
Plastic Plant Sleeve
All sleeve measurements are: Bottom (B) x Top (T) x Height (H).
These sleeves have the strength and clarity to protect your flowers for better marketing. All sleeves are 2 hole punched together at the top in bundles of 100 with the Drop and Tear (DT) format. The DT serrated lip at the top provides the fastest rate of sleeving and the lowest labor cost. Our height (H) measurement is the actual height of the sleeve after you tear it from the serrated lip (nor does it include the lower lip). Sleeves 14" and taller are vented.