USI Laminator CT1200
Vendor: USI INC
Item #86-4030
The most popular desktop laminator because of its size, durability and quality laminating. The CT is designed for medium to heavy use (up to 100 pieces per day). The CT has a 3-way switch so unit stays heated all day without running the motor. There is no waiting for the machine to heat up each time used, saving wear and tear on the motor.
Technical Specs--
*Throat Opening: 121/4"
*Weight: 6 lbs.
*Width: 17"
*Depth: 7"
*Height: 4 1/2"
*Amps: 3.2
*Watts: 365
*Volts/Cycle: 120v/60Hz
*Cord Length: 72"

*This is only a sample of available laminators and pouches. For more information, please contact your salesperson.