Eco Garden Vertical Limit Tray 4' x 4' Molded Plastic Black
Vendor: Eco Garden Systems, LLC
Item #817-0001
The EGS Vertical Limit tray quickly converts most pallet rack systems into a sturdy, robust horticultural production system. With no assembly required, the Vertical Limit tray is your fastest and most durable path for a flexible, vertical grow benching system.

*Durable, impact resistant, molded polyethylene for tray longevity *Integrated powder coated steel support bars add structural strength to pallet racking
*Easy to clean surfaces for best sanitation practices
*Sloped for drainage
*Pre-threaded drain holes for each drain plumbing
*No assembly needed - ready to install!
*Customizable side walls

--Width 42.5" (B) | 46.5" (T)
--Depth 50.0" (B) | 52.4" (T)
--Height 9.0"

Side walls can be custom cut to depth based on need and configuration.

38 lbs (per tray)
15 trays per pallet