Agrofabric Pro 34 (1.0 oz per sq yd) Frost Protection
Item #78-2043
AgroFabric works by establishing a stable, favorable micro-climate by capturing extra heat during the day - and then slowing the loss of stored heat at night from the soil. AgroFabric floats directly over crops without suffocating, crushing or breaking delicate plants. It's porous to air, water and nutrients and UV stable to protect your crops even more. No depending on outside power or fuel sources. You can even combine AgroFabric with irrigation for an extra measure of insulation during the seasonal climate changes.

Medium Weight Fabric (Pro 34)
*Provides up to 4 - 6 frost protection for sensitive ornamentals
*Offers overwintering protection for foliage and woody ornamentals in moderate climates
*Excellent for spring use on nursery stock, foliage and vegetables
*Multi-use potential