Fascination .5GAL VALENT EPA# 73049-41
Item #73-1910
Active Ingredient: Benzyladenine aka N-(phenylmethyl)-1H-purine-6-amine & GA 4 & 7
Fascination is a combination of two types of plant growth hormones that produce unique and dramatic effects in plants. The initial label includes applications to Easter, LA Hybrid, and Asiatic lilies. Lower leaf yellowing, a significant problem late in the lily crop can be prevented by two applications of Fascination at 5- 10 ppm 1 week before and after the projected visible bud date. A third application when the largest bud on the plant are 3" long at 100 ppm cause the lily blooms to stay open up to 24 days and eliminated the lower leaf yellowing that can occur during cooler storage.
REI = 4