Dismiss 39.6% 6OZ FMC EPA# 279-3295
Item #72-1603
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*Not registered in all states
Active Ingredient: Sulfentrazone
Selective pre and post emergent herbicide to control or suppress broadleaf weeds and sedges in established turf grasses and container/field ornamentals. As a foliar spray it delivers visible results against yellow and purple nutsedge and green kyllinga in 24-48 hours. Results in noticeable reduction in the sedge population next year by influencing reproductive structures. Can be used on tolerant turf grasses, container and field-grown ornamentals or around landscape plants. *Warnings: Do not spray over the top of ornamental foliage or areas where ornamental bulbs or dormant non-woody perennials are present.
Foliar spray rates: 1/4 oz per 0.5-4 gal per 1,000 sq ft or 4-12 oz per acre.
*Not registered in all states
MOA = 14
REI = 12