Siesta Fire Ant Bait .063% 15LB BASF EPA# 7969-232
Item #70-3016
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Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait, with the active ingredient metaflumizone, delivers fast and long lasting control of native and imported fire ants.

Metaflumizone is formulated on corn grit, along with soybean oil, a proven attractant bait for native and imported fire ants. Metaflumizone belongs to a new IRAC (Insecticide Resistance Action Committee) Mode of Action Chemical Group, 22B.

Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait is the only sodium blocker insecticide (SCBI) that does not require metabolism for bioactivation. The specific site of the insecticidal action is not currently known, but it does act on the insect's nervous system, where it blocks the voltage-dependent sodium neuron channel. As a result, these neurons are inactivated, causing the ant to enter a state described by researchers as "relaxed paralysis."

The direct effects are that Siesta Insecticide Fire Ant Bait causes the cessation of feeding, increasing levels of immobility, and ultimately ant death.