Hachi-Hachi SC 15% 64 Oz SEPRO EPA# 71711-36-67690 AGENCY
Item #70-1795
*Not registered in ME, NY
Active Ingredient: Tolfenpyrad
Improved formulation of this contact, broad spectrum insecticide to control thrips, aphids, mealybugs, scale, leafhoppers and early instar caterpillars. Suppresses whiteflies and powdery mildew. Labeled for ornamental crops grown in greenhouses, including cut flowers.
Foliar spray rates: 11/3-2 tsp per gal or 21-32 oz. per 100 gal.
See label for cut flower rates. Label cautions against use on salvia, impatiens, gypsophila, N.G. impatiens and poinsettia bracts. Consult label for more information.
*Not registered in ME, NY
MOA = 21A
REI = 12