CoreTect Tablets 20% 250/BTL BAYER EPA# 432-1457
Item #70-1380
**Restricted use pesticide in CT & MD.
**Not registered in NY as of 9/17.
Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid + 12-9-4
Long lasting tablet that contains active ingredient from Marathon and a small amount fertilizer to facilitate uptake. Labeled for trees and shrubs in greenhouses and nurseries only. Controls soil borne insects such as black vine weevil larvae and white grub larvae. Foliar feeding pests include adelgids, aphids, Japanese beetle adults, lacebugs, leafhoppers, pine tip moth larvae, sawfly larvae. Control on woody ornamentals for one year or longer in trials. Activates in two weeks. See label for incorporation and rate information determined by pot size.
*Restricted use pesticide in CT & MD. Not registered in NY as of 9/17.
MOA = 4
REI = 12