Adept 25% WSP 1LB (16-1oz pkg) CHEMTURA EPA# 400-477
Vendor: OHP
Item #70-1150
**Restricted use in NH, RI, & VT
Active Ingredient: Diflubenzuron
Insect growth regulator. Effective control for fungus gnat and shorefly larvae. Applied as a soil drench or as a coarse spray to the soil surface. Provides control for up to 30 days. 1 lb pouch contains 16 1-oz water soluble bags.
Drench rate: 1 oz per 200 gal water. Drench volume determined by pot size, chart is included on the label.
*Not for use on poinsettias, hibiscus or reiger begonias.
*Restricted use pesticide in NH, RI & VT
MOA = 15
REI = 12