Verdanta RM-1 4-30-0 40 Lbs 100 Day @ 50 Deg BIOWORKS
Item #67-9210
RM-1 is a high phosphorus mixture (4-30-0) of organic and mineral nutrient sources that provide nitrogen and phosphorus to plants. RM-1 stimulates rooting and enhances flowering in short-term crops with initial application or on longer crops with a second top-dressed application. RM-1 provides nutrients for up to 100 days at soil temperature of 60o F.
Verdanta RM-1, with its better phosphorus availability can be used with many fertilizer programs to provide a base level of phosphorus suitable for any crop, and especially those that have high P demands. It is especially useful in high pH soils, and in cold temperatures. RM-1 is also beneficial used in seed or vegetative propagation for enhancing root growth.
Incorporate RM-1 into any potting medium to complement your nutrition program where added phosphorus can be of benefit.
Verdanta RM-1 is not a blend of separate particles of each nutrient source. The ingredients it contains are carefully formulated into homogeneous (uniform in composition) MINIGRAN granules for better nutrient distribution and availability. What this means is every granule contains the same amount of N and P.