Verdanta GM-2 7-6-12 40 Lbs 100 Day @ 59 Degrees BIOWORKS
Item #67-9200
This product is obsolete.
Homogenous - Granular - Compound Organic-based Fertilizer
GM-2 is a general purpose mixture (7-6-12 + 2.3% magnesium) containing a diversity of organic and mineral nutrient sources. It is an excellent overall feed for most crops grown in field soil or potting mixes including herbs, vegetables, annuals, and perennials. Every MINIGRAN microgranule contains the same amount of N, P, K and Mg for superior nutrient distribution. Excessive late season, freeze susceptible growth is unwanted. Combine GM-2 with other Verdanta products such as RM-1, K-Vita, PL-2 and OFE to provide a variety of nutritional programs for ornamentals and vegetables.