Scotts Micromax Micronutrients 50 Lb 90505
Vendor: ICL CRF
Item #67-1625
Micromax is the only homogeneous granular micronutrient fertilizer available. Its homogeneous formula maximizes sulfated elements for optimum plant utilization and prevents micronutrient segregation. This is a good prescriptive product for general nursery and greenhouse production. Each homogeneous prill contains the secondary and micronutrient elements lacking in today's growing media.
*Its granular formulation is designed to increase the efficiency of the major nutrient program and to maximize plant growth by boosting the availability of micronutrients in the root zone
*Incorporating Micromax Micronutrients and Osmocote Classic provides growers with the opportunity to create an effective and complete nutritional platform to optimize plant growth
*Homogenous granular formulation
*Easy to use