Dillen 10.0 Plugpot Saucerless Hanging Basket 12 Hole Green 50/Carton "C Item
Item #51-8840
10.00 Plugpot Saucerless Hanging 12 Hole Capacity Max. Dry Cu. Inches 266.08 Max Liquid US 1.17 gal
No other manufacturer offers such a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes, let alone the ability to match with plastic clipon-hangers or several choices of wire hangers. Prime high grade polypropylene coupled with multiple cavity tooling alows Dillen to enjoy the reputation of being the leading hanging basket supplier in North America, in volume, quality and availablilty. Many sizes of Dillen hanging baskets are available in bulk packaging. Normal stock colors for most styles are green and white, while the color clay is available by special order.