Ken-Bar AT-1 Control Unit For Agritape System 20AMP
Item #38-1050
*Will handle up to 12 Agritape mats - 120'
AGRITAPE is the best source of bottom heat available due to its design, flexibility, durability, performance and relative low cost.
AGRITAPE, custom designed to each customers' needs, can be used for a few square feet or for several thousand. (Available in 11" continuous width.)
20 Amp control units in 2 convenient sizes: the AT-1 for up to 120' of 11" tape or the AT-Jr for up to 60' of 11" tape.
AGRITAPE carries a 1 year limited warranty.

*Aluminum mesh screen protects against abrasion while safely grounding Agritape.
*11" AGRITAPE provides uniform heat distribution due to its unique heat pattern.
*Styrofoam insulation beneath Agritape increases efficiency and reduces operational cost.