48' X 105' Solarig 156(140) IR/AF
Item #062-2040
This will be sent Direct ** It is NOT to be used as a single layer application. It is to be used as the bottom layer and Solaroof 172 is to be used as the top layer.
Crops grow strong and people work better under ideal environment conditions-such as those provided by the SOLARIG family of woven polyethylene sheeting from PIC PLAST.
PIC PLASTIC (PUYOUNG Group) offers the most technologically advanced, strongest, long-lasting, storm-resistant and efficient plastic sheeting, that is being use all over the world.
PUYOUNG's advantage lies in its special manufacturing processes, the use of sophisticated coatings, its strict quality control (ISO 9001) and its total dedication to customer satisfaction.
*Most Technologically Advanced
*The Strongest
*Longest Lasting
*Up to 6 yr Warranty

Solarig 140 IR & AF
*2nd layer/bottom layer in a double layer system.
*Tear resistant and long lasting coated woven polyethylene cloth.
*Contains Antidrip to help prevent droplets of moisture falling onto the plants and improving light transmission.
*Can be sewn to create any size or shape, with ropes, eyelets, etc.
*Lightweight, low cost option.
*Can be sewn to insect net.
*6 yr warranty for double layer application.