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8 MIL 4'X 8' Hi-Core XL Natural Glazing Panel
Hi-Core XL is a rigid, multi-wall, translucent sheet, made from a tough polyolefin alloy that is protected from UV and weather by an Environmental Protection System that is exclusive to Matra Plast. Light passing through Hi-Core XL is highly diffused, (over 95%). Diffused light is bent to many different angles. Compared to nondiffusing materials, Hi-Core XL allows the light to make a service building brighter or to penetrate deeper into the leaf canopy to impact with more crop. For more information, contact your nearest Griffin office.

Sheet widths
48" (1220 mm), 72" (1830 mm), 80" (2030 mm) (Available Direct from Factory)
Sheet lengths 8' (2440 mm) to 50' (15,240 mm) (Subject to available transportation restrictions)

8MM Light Transmission (ASTM E 424-71): 73% Insulation: R factor = 1.64 U factor = 0.61

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