Thrive Boost LED Light Bar 2: 4 ft, 130W, single/daisy chain
Item #93-2809
The new Boost Light Bar is a high output, high efficiency LED grow light designed to replace older lighting technologies including high pressure sodium and metal halide.

Good choice for sole-source lighting in warehouse or supplemental lighting in greenhouse. Supports solo or daisy chain installation, featuring Thrive's ingenious gapless daisy chain option. Full spectrum light. 120ø beam angle without reflectors or utilize reflectors to achieve a 45ø beam angle and increase intensity at crop level. 285 æmol/sec and 2.2 æmol/J. 130 W, 100-277V. IP66 water- and dustproof. UL and cUL listed. 62,000 hour life with 5 year warranty.

When Daisy Chaining:
*7 maximum fixtures with 120 Volts
*14 maximum fixtures with 230 Volts
*19 Maximum fixtures with 277 Volts