MycoApply Endo/Ecto 40LB BAG OMRI Mychorr App
Item #67-9515
*OMRI listed
MycoApply mycorrhizae are mixes of beneficial fungi which colonize the roots of plants and become a functional part of the roots. The increased effective root mass provides for more efficient water and nutrient uptake, increasing the ability of the plant to withstand stresses and establish more quickly. Ninety-five percent of plants form these symbiotic relationships with soil mycorrhizae in nature. The majority utilize the Endo(interior) mycorrhizae, but many types of trees utilize the Ecto(exterior) forms. The colonization and benefits last the lifetime of the plant. MycoApply is supplied as a granular formulation for field and soil incorporation, a suspendable powder for soil incorporation or drench application, or as the Soluble Maxx formulation.