Verdanta K-Vita 2-0-20 40 LB 100-Day @ 59 Degrees OMRI BIOWORKS
Item #67-9205
*OMRI listed
Homogeneous * Granular * Compound Organic Based Fertilizer
K-Vita is derived from 100% organic sources (2-0-20) and provides extra potassium to assist in producing stockier, more robust plants with shorter internodes. K-Vita feeds for up to 100 days at soil temperature of 60øF.
K-Vita is an organic fertilizer with high potassium content (20% K2O), providing slow, but continuous release of nutrition to ornamental or vegetable crops. Nutrients are gradually released by microbial activity which produces humus for better rooting and less leaching. K-Vita is useful to harden ornamental or nursery plants, when no nitrogen is needed.