NC Praying Mantis Eggs (Tenodera sinensis)
Item #53-120250
Fun garden pets, Mantids eat anything & everything they can catch! Praying Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) make wonderful backyard pets, and constantly entertain while they eat insects all Summer long.

Mantids wait in quiet ambush for hours at a time. When an insect comes wandering by they jump out and attack, usually biting the neck first. They are strictly carnivorous and will eat almost any insect they can overcome.

Application: Eggs store in the refrigerator until ready for hatching, which takes 2-8 weeks of warm weather. Each egg hatches 100-200 mantids, which continue to grow throughout Summer and reach 3-5" long by Fall.

Available from mid-December to mid-July, they should be used by Aug 15 for a proper hatch.