Dillen 4.0 Standard Thiwall Green 1550/CN
Item #48-7014
Dillen's line of thinwall (T/W) containers provides the grower with a multitude of options in style, shape, and color. All thinwall (T/W) containers are manufactured with high grade polypropylene. For most sizes, our standard stock color is green, although black, white, and clay are additional options. Bulk packaging is also available for most sizes which allows for more efficient shipping and storage while providing additional savings to the grower. Thinwall (T/W) pots give you the well-known flexibility and durability of consistently colored prime polypropylene. All pots are compatible with your preferred watering method hand, drip-tube, ebb and flow, or capillary thanks to Dillen's new drainage pattern on the container bottom. It's one of those small details with big advantages. The traditional thinwall (T/W) features a broad rim and a larger soil capacity, similar to the older traditional style containers that were prevalent before the introduction of down-sized thin-wall pots. They are the perfect compromise between old and new, offering all the features of a traditional style pot at a thinwall price.