Jack's WSF 15-0-15 Dark Weather Peat-Lite 25 Lb Bag 77180
Item #33627
Jack's Dark weather Peat-Lite is an ideal product for growers who want a non-phosphorus, high nitrate product with calcium. The macro nutrient and secondary nutreint levels are very similar to the standard Dark Weather formula, however the biggest benefit you will get when using this formula is the elevated micronutrient levels.
Any prodcut that has the Peat-Lite tag in the name designates that the micronutrient package is elevated to provide a boost of micros when growing in a soilless or "peat-lite" mix.
Alternate with 20-10-20 Peat-Lite or use as a "finisher" for flowering plants like poinsettias. This formula has the Peat-lite micronutrient levels needed for commercially made peat-lite potting media.
For use on: All plants. Especially useful for plants that have a higher Ca requirement like Poinsettias and Tomatoes.