Plantex Solutions 19-8-13 Complete Plus+ 25LB 11242
Item #31-140165
The All-In-One Nutritional Program PLUS pH Control. Plantex Solutions 19-8-13 has the added benefit of a higher potential acidity than other all-in-one products and the Plantex Solutions enhanced micronutrient package - 3 chelating agents and fortified levels of Iron, Manganese and Zinc.

For a complete, advanced nutritional program, use Plantex Solutions Complete Plus. This balanced growth formula- tion achieves high nitrates with no urea content. Patented Duo Bag - two bags in one, there are 2 compartments within each 25 lb bag. The entire contents of both of the compartments should used all at once.

*5 macronutrients in one duo bag - Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium & Magnesium
*Micro Plus Enrichment - fortified micronutrients
*EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA chelating agents
*Tested balance of nitrogen sources for soilless production - high nitrate - no urea
*Enhanced flowability
*Potential acidity of 300 lbs CaCO3/tonne of material
*Patented Duo Bag - two bags in one

*No need to alternate formulas for a complete nutritional program
*No need to add additional micros
*Improved availability of iron and other micronutrients over a wide pH range
*Consistent, predictable growth
*Easy to use - save time
*Reduce or eliminate the use of acid
*Save time, reduce errors - less switching of formulas