Plantex Solutions 18-9-18 pH Reducer 25LB 11076
Item #31-140155
Prevent/Correct High pH in Growing Media
Are you worried about the high pH level in your soilless growing media? Do you wonder how to bring the pH of water down while meeting all of your micronutrient growing needs? Are you concern about the safety of using acid to lower pH?
To decrease pH levels in your growing media, use Plantex Solutions 18-9-18. This high nitrate, urea-free solution provides a balanced growth formulation with enhanced micronutrient availability, including iron, while preventing and decreasing high pH in your growing media.

-Formulated to prevent and correct high pH growing media
-Potential acidity of 700 lbs CaC03 / tonne - eliminate or reduce the need for acid
-Micro Plus Enrichment - fortified micronutrients
-EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA chelating agents for improved availability of iron and other micronutrients over a wide pH range
-Tested balance of nitrogen sources for soilless production - high nitrate, no urea
-Added sulphur for more complete nutrition

-Optimum nutrient availability
-Convenient and safe - eleminate or reduce the need for acid
-No need to supplement with micros
-Consistent, even growth patterns - more
-Greener healthier plants
-More saleable product - more profit
-Less packaging waste

The following conditions indicate the need for Plantex Solutions pH Reducer.

-Water Bicarbonate Level: 121 - 200
-pH level of media tends to increase over the season