Plantex Solutions 15-0-20 No Stretch 25LB 11204
Item #31-140105
Maintains Compact and Sturdy Growth
Plantex Solutions 15-0-20 raises the benchmark for quality to a new level. We designed this unique Plantex Solutions formulation to be used towards the end of the crop cycle, after the more vegetative growth has been established. Plantex Solutions 15-0-20 is a great performer for times when professional growers want to harden up plant structure and prevent leggy growth in general. The engineered composition in Plantex Solutions 15-0-20 maintains compact, sturdy growth by limiting ammoniacal nitrogen, builds a firmer cell wall by increasing potassium levels, and keeps internodes short by eliminating phosphorus.

*High Nitrate, No Urea
*Most highly available micronutrient package on the market today (Micro Plus Enrichment)
*High Potassium content
*EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA chelating agents for improved availability of iron and other micronutrients
*No phosphorus

*Increased quality, sturdier growth, less shipping damage
*No need to supplement with micros
*Stays fresher longer on the store shelf
*Availability of micronutrients over a wide pH range
*Reduced plant stretch